Meet Coco & Jay

Your virtual business consultants for a new way of thinking digital innovation based on a simple concept of bricks and stacks.

What we do differently

We believe digital innovation should be easily accessible to everyone and therefore design all of our products according to our three core principles of simplicity, innovativity and modular compatibility.

Digitalisation is often seen as a big scary monster – we don’t think this should be the case and therefore put a lot of effort into ensuring that our modules always have a reasonable size. You can literally decide yourself how quick you want to move by just picking one module at a time.

And since our modules are compatible you can easily build one upon another. This is actually the reason why everyone working with Coco & Jay simply calls them bricks. Many bricks together make a stack and well, many stacks together, they create your business of the future.

Last but not least, we want to keep our products individual and affordable and have therefore organised all our bricks and stacks by combining creative ideas with simple and extremely structured standardised and automated processes. We actually digitalised our own business and can pass that competitive advantage right on to our clients.

Our Stacks

Who are Coco and Jay?

Coco & Jay are your virtual consultants which will guide you through the process of implementing your bricks and stacks. Digitalisation tasks can be very different, and so are Coco & Jay. In fact, both of them excel with their very own skills:

The Analytic Mastermind

Figuring out how the universe works is probably Cocos favourite hobby. She sees patterns even where there aren’t any. Well, where apparently there aren’t any. If you ever feel overwhelmed, don’t panic, Coco always keeps a cool head and will most likely surprise you with a clearly structured action plan.

The Effective Pragmatic

In a world where everything is possible knowing how to prioritise is a very useful skill to possess. Coco gets stuff done, she knows what really counts and and is very confident about it. And if that means holding back Jay, she will. No mercy.

The Passionate Techie

Coco speaks about 20 languages. Italian and German are her mother tongues, English almost is, and all the others, well, they are only understood by software compilers. But don’t worry, you will soon start to love that side of hers.

The Enthusiastic Artist

Jays visions are an endless source of creativity. The way he stimulates your imagination is more addictive than Belgian chocolate. And the best is still to come: this laid-back Aussie is also gifted with the necessary technical skills to put his ideas onto paper.

The Strategic Disruptor

You still believe thinking out of the box was the way to go? Then meet Jay, he thinks way out of this galaxy, – if you can still call it “thinking” – especially when it comes to reinventing your strategy and products.

The Tireless Detail Lover

When you are done, Jay is just getting started. His perfectionism and inexhaustible love for even the very last small detail will surely drive you crazy at some point. But it will also add the final touch to your bricks that make your business so special. And there is still Coco.

Some of our stacks

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