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Coco’s Website Responsiviser

Your website is great, just not a small screen? Don’t worry, we have an easy solution to that problem.

Coco’s Website Responsiviser has been designed specifically for those who want to save time, money and a lot of headaches. It’s a package that creates a responsive version of your existing website and implements it. Simple and effective.

Why becoming responsive?

Mobile traffic shares keep increasing

Mobile is getting more and more important. For the first time in 2017 there has been more mobile web traffic than desktop web traffic. And, the share amongst your clients might be even higher.

Search engine will start liking you once again

Search Engine optimization might not be your main strategy, but nowadays visibility is and should be important to every business. And search engines discriminate unresponsive websites.

It is the one thing you can get done right away

Redesigning your website might in your agenda for ages but, let us be honest, we know how much of a hassle that is. But making it responsive doesn’t mean that you have to change your design or touch any of your content. With Coco’s help it is way more straightforward and affordable than you might think.

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Why Coco & Jay are your ideal sparring partners

We believe digital innovation should be easily accessible to everyone!

All of our products are thus based on the principles of simplicity, innovativity and modular compatibility, towards our own solutions but also market-leading external solutions, while remaining individual and affordable.

Sounds too great to be true? Well, to make that possible we combine creative ideas with simple and extremely structured standardized processes and group them into open modules.

All these modules have been crafted to be combined with each other, no matter which ones you’ll pick, no matter how many. Easy right? This is why everyone working with Coco & Jay simply calls them Bricks.

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Not convinced yet? Well, then our satisfied customers might make you change your mind.

So, this is what you will get

Coco’s Website ResponsiviserIn detail the "Stack" is built by the following "Bricks":

  • Briefing to understand your specific needs via phone
  • Draft of mobile redesign of your existing website
  • One feedback loop on draft via phone
  • Final mobile design redesign of your existing website
  • Technical kick-off call
  • Backup of existing website
  • Implementation of mobile responsive design
  • Device test with testing report

Since we know how different customer needs can be, we also want to give you the possibility to do some of these steps on your own if wanted.

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