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CJ’s Digital Marketing Strategy

You finally want to start playing digital, but have no idea which way to go? Well, then Coco’s Digital Marketing Strategy is just the right starting point for your journey.

CJ’s Digital Marketing Strategy is an elaborated strategy concept created just for your business which covers all necessary topics for a smooth start into the world of digital marketing.

Why a digital marketing strategy should be the starting point for every business playing online?

It gives you an understanding of what is possible and what is not

Yes we know, it is a hustle to understand where to get started in the jungle of online marketing.

There are literally thousands of possibilities, but also just as many false ideas out there so that a digital marketing strategy needs to, first of all, create clarity and show realistically what are your options.

It reflects your exact business needs

Just because a thing is possible, that doesn’t mean it is also the right thing for you: some approaches simply don’t work for some businesses.

A digital marketing strategy identifies your specific needs and matches them with all the available options. And that is not all yet, it also shows you the best of all right paths through the jungle of online marketing.

It creates a solid foundation for the future

The most common mistake people make is to move like a fly which tries to escape a glass bottle: totally randomly and with poor results.

A digital marketing strategy creates the consistency amongst your actions which you need. And it does it by pointing out what are your exact next steps to focus on, why they are important for your business and how they need to be prioritised.

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Why Coco & Jay are your ideal sparring partners

We believe digital innovation should be easily accessible to everyone!

All of our products are thus based on the principles of simplicity, innovativity and modular compatibility, towards our own solutions but also market-leading external solutions, while remaining individual and affordable.

Sounds too great to be true? Well, to make that possible we combine creative ideas with simple and extremely structured standardized processes and group them into open modules.

All these modules have been crafted to be combined with each other, no matter which ones you’ll pick, no matter how many. Easy right? This is why everyone working with Coco & Jay simply calls them Bricks.

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Not convinced yet? Well, then our satisfied customers might make you change your mind.

So, this is what you will get

CJ’s Digital Marketing StrategyIn detail the "Stack" is built by the following "Bricks":

  • Briefing to understand your specific needs via phone
  • Concepting of digital marketing approaches
  • Concepting of tracking and result evaluation
  • Concepting of marketing channels
  • Concepting of target audiences and target personas
  • Concepting of communication styles
  • Concepting of landing pages
  • Elaboration of recommended action plan
  • Editable Google Slides presentation and PDF

Since we know how different customer needs can be, we also want to give you the possibility to do some of these steps on your own if wanted.

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